Daniel Miller founded BizTank in 1999 after the sale of his second successful software company. BizTank is a privately held firm that focuses on providing advisory, strategy and capital formation services to high-growth entrepreneurial businesses.

What makes us unique is that we are operating people, not project consultants. In other words, we're both the architect and the general contractor for our clients' management and infrastructure needs. How does this benefit our clients? We develop the blueprints to map out their future vision, and we work with them to build it into a reality.

Simply stated, our goal is to enable you to increase the value of your business.

BizTank's mission is to help entrepreneurial companies move individual ideas into highly focused and successful businesses. We believe that to succeed in a dynamic marketplace, companies must achieve a rapid speed of execution by tapping the services, support and knowledge of individuals and organizations that have extensive experience in starting and running companies. BizTank combines the best elements of a small and nimble company with the strength and experience of a much larger organization -- sharing these benefits with its client companies.

  • Nelle Miller

    As the co-founder of BizTank LLC, her third successful start-up, Nelle Miller knows what it takes to move a company from start-up to exit by quickly building value in the company's products, services and organization.